Monday, March 30, 2009

Lisa J.

This piece is made of cat's eye 8mm and 4mm rounds, silver plated connectors and toggles, and some silver plated cones. I enjoyed making this for my colleague and df Lisa J. I appreciate her doing business with me. tfr!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

back to peyote

Here are some of the peyote projects I've been doing these past days. The first two pictures below are made of triangular glass beads made by Miyuki of Japan. I love using their product for their consistency in shapes and size.

The bracelet below is made with square or cube glass beads. I used beading elastic to put the beads together in a peyote stitch. The cuff is stetchy, comfy and always cool to your wrist.
Here's a mix of colors for the coming fall. I know it's still too early to think about fall but I can't help but think about it when I was making this bracelet.

spring greenery

Here's my weekend project - a band made of miyuki tri glass beads of springy green colors. The with of the is a little bit more than an inch.

burst #3

Here's another burst I made for myself. Sometimes, it's nice to make something and wear it! I had some accolades on this. The pictures I posted don't do any justice on how pretty this piece actually looks like! I use swarovski rivoli for the center piece, miyuki glass beads of different sizes, and some gf charlottes.

Monday, March 23, 2009

silver donuts

There's a nice, comforting feeling when you know that your work is appreciated.
I made a bracelet for my df and colleague (pictured above), 2 of my other dfs asked me to make them the same ones! I thank them for keeping my business going. *wink


Friday, March 20, 2009

Lisa's Pink Bracelet

This bracelet was custom made for Lisa's mom. She wanted to have something made for her mom's birthday along with her other pink gifts for her. Once again, I was glad to make this project for her. I am positive her mom will like this piece not only because it's pretty but also because she's very thoughtful. tfr!

flower dangles

This earring and bracelet set is made for Lisa J.
She bought the pair of earrings and asked me to make a bracelet that would go with this pair of earrings that she likes a lot. I then went and found some beads that will go with the earrings.
The set is made with Czech glass beads that I think are pressed. They are flower beads in different sizes and colors. I used a sterling plated for its metals.
I am so glad that she liked the set when I showed it to her.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Colleen's Bracelet

Here's another custom made bracelet and earring set that my df and colleague asked me to do. It took me a couple of weeks to find the rings for the project but once I've laid my eyes on these rings, I did not take any chances. I thought that maybe I could make my own rings using PMC but that's another story. I am interested in that, too. I need to concentrate on one thing right now and that's to make my customers happy! I'd like to thank my df and a couple others who made the same orders as soon as they saw this set!

Email me or leave a comment if you want the set also. I made three of these so far. tfr!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

spring flower fringe

I cannot wait for the warm weather or at least the early spring. Instead of whining about it, I took some beads and made them into a garland for your wrist! These beads are made of acrylic, they're transparent and very light that make soft sound to scare away the snow! If you're lucky, you'll find a bug or two on your garland as well.