Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tubular Crochet Beads

This is a fun activity to do! That is, if you don't have anything in your "to do" list. I happen to meet a woman at a bead store this week. She sparked my interest after she showed me her unfinished tubular crochet bead project. I thought it was very nice of her to share what she's doing. During the course of the conversation, though, she stressed several times how it can be challenging/hard to finish a piece. I thought I could share in the challenge. So, what do you think I did the first time I had a chance to have time all for my own? Yes, you guessed it right. I used that all-so-quiet-time to string ten, yes ten, different stringing patterns, colors, and kinds of beads on a button and top stiching thread. I could not wait how they will look like when I will have a chance to crochet them.

Well, wish me luck in this new beading adventure. I hope I won't waver in this kind of challenge. I promise to share with you the pictures of my crochet creations soon.


1 comment:

MBP said...

I think all of your creations are spectacular so I am sure this latest creation will be spectacular also. Good Luck!