Monday, January 12, 2009

new slideshow

Please enjoy the new slideshow I made with photobucket. I did not realize how I accumulated so many pictures of my handmade jewelry! There you go! Now you will not really wonder if I have extra time in my hands or not.

I will also make a slideshow of my sold creations. I thought it would be nice to see and reminisce the joy of making something out of practically - nothing.

Have fun and enjoy the sight of my creations. If you are interested in any of the showcase (or any from the sold items), please feel free to contact me, or leave me a comment. As always, I like you to enjoy the jewelry I make or custom make for you as I did.

Have a great day! tfr


Penny said...

Hi, Yen! I just wrote an answer to you on my blog...check it out!

I love your work! Penny

yenpart said...

Hi Penny! thank you so much for responding to me. You made my day!