Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bead Crochet Bracelet

I am bidding this pretty bracelet goodbye. It's always nice to know that what I took time creating is also enjoyed by another person. This time, it's Barb who "hearts" my creation. Thank you, Barb for stimulating the economy. *wink

This bracelet is made using 11/0s miyuki glass beads (of black diamond, pink and clear colors) and some clear fringe beads also from miyuki. I strung them using guttermann top stitching/button thread then crocheted with love and care. The result is amazing! I have to admit that this piece is my most popular in 2008. Several custom made orders we made for this specific color combinations.

Please don't take a shower with this bracelet or don't wet it since it will sag. The weight of the beads on cotton thread does the trick. Again, I guarantee your satisfaction as long as I know you took proper care of the piece.

Stay Happy!

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Lanie said...

Hi Yen, I finally see you blog from mareng barb blog post. Very nice creation of the beads your making. Kumusta kana.