Monday, April 6, 2009

my new "jewelry case"

I made a roll-up case for my jewelry so it will be easier for me to bring my pieces to work. (my colleagues are very supportive of my business- I am grateful of that!) I made so many that they looked so disorganized in the old jewelry box. The old box was made from the box I bought at the thrift store. I believe it use to be a box for the utensils!

Now, I have a new jewelry case! I love that fact that I can just roll the jewelry in and toss it in my bag!

If you are curious as to how I made it, leave me a comment. Tfr!


Mira said...

Happy Easter to you and your 2 boys! Miss you my friend ;-).

Btw, this is a nice creation, it's really more convenient to carry along than a heavy and bulky utensil box *wink*. Have a great week ahead.

Beadin' Gram/aka Jackie said...

Have thoroughly enjoyed my first visit to your blog. Lovely jewelry and other items. I'll pop back in again :-)

gengen said...

Hi Yen can I ask something? I am a beader also and I tried to find cheaper beads at least I can afford. Do you know in your place? Thanks.

yenpart said...

@ gengen: hi! i am not sure where you are located... i tend to frequent a couple of "mom 'n pop" bead stores locally. I am not sure if they're cheaper but I thought I am helping small business.

I hope it helps.

take care,

yenpart said...

@ Beadin' Gram/aka Jackie: thank you for visiting my humble site. You are very creative (i've been to your site and enjoyed being there, too)

take care,

yenpart said...

@mira: Miss you too!

I am glad you like this new creation... it's very convenient indeed!

take care,

momgen said...

thanks Yen. I live in NC....Thanks for the reply.

Babette said...

That's more convenient for you to carry compared to the wooden case.