Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Finally Finished

My colleague asked me to make her a necklace using a certain kind and color beads that I thought would be easy to find but I was mistaken. This fringe miyuki bead mix took me forever to get my hands on! I can't believe it!

I like to go to a "mom and pop" bead shop instead of big giant craft stores. Well, my friend over at the little mom and pop store was patiently waiting for the order to come in, including the beads I want to buy from him. It seems like he kept rescheduling the date the order comes in. I understand how things can be in the mail, therefore, I patiently waited. It took me two Wednesdays after I looked for it somewhere else.

When I finally had my hands on these little darlings, I did not waste time - I made the necklace with care, pride, and such joy as I always do with my other creations. I am happy that it look really nice when I finished the piece.

I used sterling silver for the closure.

The appreciation I've got from my colleague when I gave her her order was just a pleasure to see. The thought of knowing that someone will use what I've made for special or even casual occasion and take care of it - is just encouraging. For my colleague, I thank you for doing business with me.


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