Saturday, October 4, 2008

Thanks Mira

I just would like to thank my friend Mira for taking time to start a blog page for me. I've made too many beaded jewelry over the summer. They're way too many for me to wear so I started to bring them to work for my colleagues to admire and eventually to buy!

My friend suggested to blog my work for additional exposure. She, not just made a simple suggestion, even made a page for me! I just thought it was so nice of her. To show my gratitude and to challenge myself to write, I made a little promise to myself to cultivate that little writer in me!

I am new to the Blogging World so I am still learning. Any mistakes I make is in this world is allowed and actually encouraged! If one can learn from the mistakes he/she makes, success then is at hand.

Again, thank you Mira.



Mira said...

You're welcome my friend, I'm just paying forward the blessings I get from blogging. I'd be happy to help anybody who wants to earn extra through blogging. If you need any help just give me a buzz.
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yenpart said...

Hi Mira! I just found out you left a comment on my page. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day!