Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Precious Blood Craft and Christmas Bazaar

My adopted grandmother, Lola Connie, and I rented a table for this year's Christmas Bazaar at the local church. I always look forward to events like these because it's a great way to meet people and to share what I love do.

The bazaar runs for two days from 8 am to 4 pm. My dh, McKale and I went to the church social hall very early to display the jewelry that I made. I thought it would be nice to give myself plenty of time to look around to see what other vendors are selling. I've meet people I know and made new acquaintances.

After meeting people and talking to people who seems to appreciate my creations but not the price, the day became a little bit of a drag. I went there to "count the money" I made at the end of the day... but we just even out with the expenses for going there.

The second day was even challenging than the first. More people came for the bargain! I don't think I was ready for it. Anyway, there was a lady who really liked the earrings I made, the Earring Burst #1, and kept coming back to my table to admire it... She said that that was the most beautiful earrings she has ever seen hand made... Then she said that she forgot to bring her glasses which means she can't read my tag. She asked for the price, I read it to her, she then proceeded to tell me how ridiculous my price was. Then she left almost disgusted. She probably thought that she's just going to pay a dollar for it. I feel bad. It was not a good feeling for me. I just cannot afford to "donate" my efforts.

I learned a lot today. We decided that bazaars will not really work with us. I think that bazaar-goers look for cheap deals. I am not saying that my prices are too expensive, because they are not. In fact, my colleagues and other people who know how to really appreciate handmade art.

This incident is now in my past and I charge this one to my experience.


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